Holiday Bingo Worksheets

We all know what kind of stress the holiday can bring, especially when it comes to family. So, to help alleviate this, a good friend gave me the idea of making a fun Bingo game out of it. Simply come up with a list of all the unbelievable things family members will say or do […]

Generational Needs in the Workforce

We are currently seeing a significant divide in the workforce when it comes to the needs and abilities of employees. As a result, we’re seeing workforce turnover and new challenges that business owners could not have prepared for. This shift is one that cannot be ignored. As a result, I’ve done research into what business […]

Are They Trustworthy? Worksheet

Each one of us has been hurt by someone in our life. Trust has been broken. And that trust is sometimes very hard to get back or have again in future relationships. As a counselor, I try to help clients heal from this trust being broken and ensure that the people in their lives now […]

Boundaries & Self-Care Handout

One of my favorite things to work on with clients is self-care and boundaries. In my opinion, you can’t have one without the other. We can come up with an incredible self-care plan, but if we have trouble politely turning down invites or not letting our guilt take over when someone needs our help, that […]

How To Deal With an Emotionally Unavailable Man

Relationships are hard enough for so many reasons. There’s an extra layer of difficulty added when women find themselves in a relationship with an emotionally unavailable man. I collaborated with various professionals in putting together some advice in this article if you find yourself in this situation.

He Says He Likes Me But Doesn’t Want a Label

If you’ve found yourself in this challenging situation, read this article for some guidance on how to get what you want without sacrificing your needs (and heart).

Fitness Benefits Your Mental Health

This is my first podcast interview and I was lucky enough to discuss something close to my heart: fitness and mental health. Fitness has been a significant part of my self-care for years and I was so excited to discuss it with Venita Hawkins-Bird on Adventures Inside & Out. Click here to take a listen […]

He is Perfect But I Don’t Love Him…Why?

Here is an article I wrote about a complicated experience a lot of women find themselves in and ways to resolve it.

He Stopped Saying I Love You – What Should I Do?

An article I co-authored with other mental health professionals offering tips to help women when their partner stopped saying I love you.

Self-Care Plan

I created this Self-Care Plan worksheet because I want everyone to have the opportunity to learn about self-care and to begin to think of how they can incorporate it into their day-to-day. My Self-Care Plan Worksheet

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