ResourcesAre They Trustworthy? Worksheet

Are They Trustworthy? Worksheet

Are They Trustworthy? Worksheet

Each one of us has been hurt by someone in our life. Trust has been broken. And that trust is sometimes very hard to get back or have again in future relationships.

As a counselor, I try to help clients heal from this trust being broken and ensure that the people in their lives now are trustworthy. However, I struggled to find a way to help clients define ‘trustworthy’ so they can make good decisions about who they let into their lives.

That all changed when I found Brené Brown’s BRAVING acronym. Brown has done an incredible job of breaking down the characteristics that make someone trustworthy and thus allowing people to easily evaluate a coworker or a new acquaintance before moving forward in a friendship or relationship.

To make this more valuable, I created this worksheet (with a sample to help explain how to use it)! All you have to do is think of a new person in your life and go through the BRAVING acronym, seeing if this person meets each of the characteristics. It’s a useful visual to help you determine how trustworthy someone is and hopefully prevent more hurt in your life!

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